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Soy Afric uses specialized processing technology to precook the product. Our products are fortified with vitamin and minerals. The pre-cooked product can be prepared within less than 5 minutes of boiling.


We currently have a daily production capacity of 80 Metric Tons (“MT”). In addition, Soy Afric has a team of excellent staff comprising of machine operators, charge hands, supervisors, a production manager, and a quality controller.


The potential for food contamination, economically motivated adulteration and other related food safety issues is leading to an increased awareness of the important role that food testing laboratories play in ensuring the safety and quality of Soy Afric’s food supply. The requirement for sophisticated instruments, as well as well-trained and experienced analysts in food safety laboratories are essential factors in making certain that food is safe from contamination.

Quality control is critical during the manufacturing process but even more importantly, managing the quality of incoming raw materials has greatly improved operational performance, production of better quality goods and increase profitability. The global demand for producers and manufacturers that exceed the quality and safety standards of food dictates the absolute necessity to reinforce and/or increase food analysis checks throughout the supply chain. Soy Afric is committed to implementing industry ‘best practices’ that set the bar for food safety standards in Kenya and throughout the rest of East and Central Africa.

Soy Afric complies with good manufacturing practices and we are ISO 22000 certified. Our company in house lab is the nerve center of quality assurance and food safety commitment and efforts. Product packaging is performed on a regular basis to ensure that compliance is met at all times. Soy Afric’s team of quality assurance professionals is trained extensively on food safety practices and carries out the Company’s unrelenting standards in the plant and laboratory. In addition, Soy Afric conducts further microbiological and chemical tests to ensure all round food safety.


Soy Afric’s major raw materials consist of dry cereals, mainly maize, soy bean, sorghum, and finger millet sourced directly from a pre-selected list of farmers and traders. The Company has quality specification manual that clearly indicates the parameters of raw materials acceptable at Soy Afric.

All suppliers are expected to comply with the specifications and failure to meet the standards leads to the rejection of consignments. This compliance is independently confirmed by independent inspectors.




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We are ISO Certified (ISO 22000:2018) and an appointed supplier of nutritionally enhanced foods to relief agencies in Kenya, Somalia, DRC, Ethiopia & Sudan.



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