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Our focus has been the food production around 3 key categories, #Human Nutrition, #Animal Nutrition & #Food Ingredients. Our integrated approach to nutritional health care delivery enables us to offer very specific solutions to match your needs across these 3 broad categories. We blend soya based cereals, fortified with micronutrients which comply with the quality requirements of KEBS, UNICEF and WFP.


Our products have been developed to provide individuals with required nutritional needs. High energy formulations are primarily used as supplementary feeding for individuals on ARV's, Diabetics as well as Malnourished and stunting children.


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Human Nutrition

These human nutrition products are used for supplementary feeding, emergency nutrition intervention and school feeding programmes.

Tender Mercies

Tender mercies is a carefully formulated mix of rice, fractured cowpeas, full fat soya, lentils and salt, enriched with...

Toto AfyaMix Uji

Toto Afya Mix is a precooked blend of Maize, Sorghum, Soya beans, dry skimmed milk powder, oil and sugar, fortified with...

Fafa Pure Wimbi

Pure wimbi is a porridge flour that is rich in iron and calcium for strong bone development made from the traditional African grain finger millet.

Jamii AfyaMix Uji

Jamii Afya Mix is a precooked blend of Maize, Sorghum, Soya beans, dry skimmed milk powder, oil and sugar, fortified with...

Corn Soya Blend (Unimix)

Also known as Fortified Blended Foods or Unimix is a precooked blend of Maize, Soybeans, Sugar, Skimmed Milk and Oil fortified with Vitamins and Minerals as per the Specification of UNICEF and WFP.

Mama Afya Mix

Afyamix  is a viable option for providing a nutritious cost effective diet to address...

Corn Soya Blend Fortified - CSB

The product is suitable for general population and can be used in emergency response in drought and hunger stricken communities


Nutri Oats

Oats are a nutritious and versatile grain that provide a great source of fiber, protein, and various vitamins and minerals.

Fafa Wimbi Mix (Sour Uji)

Wimbi Mix is a porridge flour that is a blend of finger millet and sorghum with a twist of lemon flavor.

Animal Nutrition

These plant based proteins are used as inputs to the manufacture of animal feed.

Full Fat Soya Cake

Full fat extruded soy bean that is used by animal feed manufacturers as a source of protein in animal feeds.

Soya Bean Meal

Partially defatted Soy bean that has a higher percentage of protein and is used as an ingredient in specific animal feeds.

Milled Soya Bean Meal

Milled soya bean meal is a valuable source of protein, fiber, and essential amino acids. Its high nutritional value makes it a popular choice for livestock and poultry diets.

Partially Defatted Soya

Partially defatted soya is achieved through mechanical extraction of oil.

Cotton Seed Cake

Cotton seed cake is a necessary option for farmers facing challenges in providing and maintaining adequate feed for animal.

Sunflower Cake

Sunflower meal is one of the major protein sources in livestock feed, especially diary cattle, chickens, pigs and rabbits.

Food Ingredients

These are products that are often supplied to food processors such as bread, confectioneries and meat manufacturers as inputs in the processing of their finished products.

Bakers Flour

Pure Soy flour that rich in protein. Used as a bread improver by bread manufacturers.

Extruded Flour

Full fat extruded flour is used as a meat expander and is also included in baby food formulation...

Icing Sugar

Used as a decorative ingredient or biscuit filler in the confectionery industry.

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We are ISO Certified (ISO 22000:2018) and an appointed supplier of nutritionally enhanced foods to relief agencies in Kenya, Somalia, DRC, Ethiopia & Sudan.



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