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Our focus has been the food production around 3 key categories, #Human Nutrition, #Animal Nutrition & #Food Ingredients. Our integrated approach to nutritional health care delivery enables us to offer very specific solutions to match your needs across these 3 broad categories. We blend soya based cereals, fortified with micronutrients which comply with the quality requirements of KEBS, UNICEF and WFP.


Our products have been developed to provide individuals with required nutritional needs. High energy formulations are primarily used as supplementary feeding for individuals on ARV's, Diabetics as well as Malnourished and stunting children.


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Sunflower Cake

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Sunflower meal is one of the major protein sources in livestock feed, especially diary cattle, chickens, pigs and rabbits.

- Protein 29-30%

- Lignin 9-12%

- Lysine 3.5%


Examples Dairy Cattle Rations

1. Mix 18kg of sunflower cake with 100kg of maize germ to make dairy meal.

2. Give a highly productive cow 4kg of the sunflower and maize germ dairy meal and 2kg to low milk producing cows.

3. Apart from feeding concentrates, dairy cows should be given their daily ration of Napier grass, hay or any other available good quality fodder to their satisfaction.


Rations for Chickens

1. Chicken Starter: Mix 22kg of sunflower cake with 100kg of maize germ

2. Growers Mash: Mix 20kg of sunflower with 100kg of crushed maize (gristed maize or chenga).

3. Layers Mash: Mix 18kg of sunflower cake with 100kg of gristed maize.

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We are ISO Certified (ISO 22000:2018) and an appointed supplier of nutritionally enhanced foods to relief agencies in Kenya, Somalia, DRC, Ethiopia & Sudan.



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